Why us



We are registered with the national KNGF-register and regularly attend courses. This way we keep our knowledge up to date and learn to use the latest evidence-based techniques and best practices.

The patient comes first

We view each patient as an individual and provide health advice based on individual needs instead of standard protocols. That translates into more time and attention for the patient.


Holistic approach

We look not only at the complaint itself but at the person as a whole. We do this because every complaint and every person is different, and each body responds differently.

A pleasant and casual atmosphere

A visit to the physiotherapist should be relaxed and low key. Our practice has a pleasant décor, a casual atmosphere and spacious treatment options.

Easy and quick access

An appointment is quick and easy to schedule. We are accessible by public transport and there are ample, free parking facilities at the front door or close by.


Prevention is better than cure. We analyse patients and their complaints proactively to find the root cause. This enables us to provide a sustainable solution, preventing further development of complaints. We also focus on offering preventative health advice for activity, nutrition, weight and general well-being.


Our goals

  • The fastest possible reduction in pain and recovery of mobility

  • Not only treat but also inform and advise on health issues

  • Ensure the best quality by applying evidence-based techniques