Massage Therapy

In our practice, we believe in the therapeutic qualities of different massage techniques to balance body and mind and ready the body for further treatment. We are not a massage parlour. Massage is used, temporarily, only as part of a broader physiotherapy treatment. The physiotherapist will assess your medical complaint on your first visit and decide whether massage is indicated as part of the treatment.


Sports massage

Sports massage is a deep muscle technique used to activate or relax the muscles and promote recovery after exercise. It is widely used by athletes to positively influence the metabolism; it allows you to recover faster and resume sports earlier. Also for non-athletes it has good therapeutic effects. It promotes mental and physical relaxation and improves your ability to recover. Make an appointment with the therapists: Andy and Sofia


Shiatsu is a massage from Japan where it is regarded as a form of medicine. It is based on acupressure and uses pressure points on the meridians (energy paths). These meridians are known from traditional Chinese medicine and are similar to those used in acupuncture; The only difference is that with shiatsu we use our thumbs to exert pressure where acupuncturists use needles. The thumb pressure is combined with different joint stretching exercises, giving a harmonious and deeply relaxing therapeutic massage. Shiatsu can be used to treat a number of medical problems, but is especially good for stress, anxiety, depression and various musculoskeletal complaints (neck and back pain, migraine, etc.). Make an appointment with Sofia. For a direct appointment clic here.



Nuad Boran - Thai Yoga massage

Nuad Boran, or Thai yoga massage, is a very old, healing art form based on specific pressure points, joint mobilization techniques and muscle stretching. The massage loosens the body and gives a deep relaxation. The massage takes at least one hour (minimal) and takes place on a folding mattress on the floor. Nuad Boran is effective against back, neck and pelvic pain. The therapist is Sofia. Make an appointment here.


Fees therapeutic massage

If massage is deemed a necessary part of your treatment by the physiotherapist then it will be reimbursed as physiotherapy. Please read your policy terms for this. In case of uncertainty we can help you. If you do not have supplementary insurance, then our rates apply.