Young or old, athlete or non-athlete it does not matter. Physiotherapy is for anyone who has a problem moving their body or limbs. The physiotherapist advises, treats and guides you so that you can continue your daily life as best as possible, to return to work sport and / or exercise. For example, for those people who have:

  • Difficulty moving, due to for example a strain/sprain (sports) injury, rehabilitation after surgery, age complaints, chronic conditions.
  • Anxiety to move, for example due to previous fall incidents or inadequate strength, condition or balance.
  • Need to move more, for example with diseases such as obesity, reuma, COPD, heart and lung problems and diabetes.

Physiotherapy is proven effective for::

  • Back and neck complaints, due to sprains such as lumbago, or after an accident (whiplash), general pain or stiffness, osteoarthritis, or more specific problems such as disc degeneration and hernia.
  • Various complaints of the limbs, such as the hip, knee, ankle, foot, elbow, wrist and hand.
  • Other joint, muscular and tendon disorders such as pain, stiffness and weakness, often related to lifestyle, sport, attitude and work.
  • Postoperative rehabilitation: After an orthopaedic procedure such as a new knee or hip, operated bones, tendons and ligaments.
  • Neurological disorders such as stroke, parkinsonism and multiple sclerosis.
  • Chronic diseases such as rheumatism, COPD, overweight, diabetes, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.
  • Psychosomatic complaints
  • Fear of falling. The physiotherapist can help older people by increasing their mobility and reducing the risk and fear of falling.
  • Shoulder complaints, for example by sprains, various pain and mobility complaints, or specific problems like frozen-shoulder, rehabilitation after surgery.


What we can do for you

The physiotherapist advises, treats and guides you so that you can continue your daily life as best as possible, and responsibly return to work, sport and other forms of activity. We can very often eliminate the pain, weakness, stiffness and other complaints through special techniques and exercises. You will learn how to become aware of your attitude and ways of moving, how to recognize signals from the body (tension and pain), which can prevent or limit problems. In short, we are working towards optimal recovery and a lasting solution.

Physiotherapy fees

You do not need a referral from the GP to make an appointment with the physiotherapist. The fee for physical therapy depends on your insurance. Please refer to your policy terms. In case of uncertainty we can help you. If you do not have any supplementary insurance then our rates apply.